About Max Media


Max Media is a full-service advertising agency that has been creating innovative, cost-effective, media-driven advertising campaigns for over 25 years.

We handle both large and small accounts, from institutional advertisers, to brand names, to direct response. We are personally involved in all phases of the marketing process and carefully monitor the progress made by each of our clients.

Because we are a small and cohesive group of talented advertising professionals, we work with a limited number of accounts, and are selective about those with which we will form our marketing partnerships. We are very results oriented, and strive to service all of our accounts for the long term.

We maintain a keen awareness that the growth and success of our client’s business is the key to our own success. We want to prove that to you. We want to help your business grow into a larger and more profitable company. Please allow us the opportunity to present Max Media to you as your next, and hopefully, your last advertising agency.


Our consultation is always free. Our services are very affordable. Our success rate is outstanding.

Our Company

Max Media was founded in 1990 by advertising veteran John Graziano. Prior to Max Media, John spent 8 years in broadcast ownership and management. Before that he was Senior Vice President of a major national advertising sales firm where he spent 8 years supervising 16 sales offices and over 150 sales reps billing more than $600 million annually. John's background includes another 10 years of advertising account management, and agency ownership. He has held the positions of Vice President of Advertising for The Wherehouse Record Stores, a national retail chain that spent over $80 million annually. He was President of Creative Space Advertising, a national advertising agency, and President of Pacific Image Advertising, an international advertising agency, with specialty in overseas, particularly Asian and Hispanic markets.

In addition to John Graziano, President, the partners include Cristina Graziano, VP and media buyer - Barbara Davis, creative director - Mike Gundran, media planner - Riho Shiraishi, media buyer - Don Logay, copywriter and producer - Bob Shroder, producer, director and editor - Marty Zimmerman, chief cameraman and aerial photographer - Aron Brown, producer and cameraman - Rob Amato, producer and cameraman - Bill Kole, musician, original music and jingles producer, and Chris Alicki, national account manager. Together this team has over 250 years experience...and has handled over 350 solid advertising accounts.

John Graziano

Advertising Veteran and President of Max Media

Cristina Graziano

Keeping all projects on task, on schedule, on budget.

Services Offered

  • Create Marketing and Media Plans and Budgets.
  • Create Sales Projections.
  • Set Media Performance Goals.
  • Prepare All Media Research and Analysis.
  • Create Linear Media Timetables and Schedules.
  • Negotiate Media Schedules and Costs.
  • Obtain Lowest Possible Media Rates.  Guaranteed.
  • Create and Execute Station Promotions.
  • Place and Confirm Media Schedules.
  • Provide All Payments to Media.
  • Monitor Specific Media Performances.
  • Modify Media Schedules as Needed.
  • Check and Verify All Media Affidavits.
  • Obtain Media Credits or Commercial Make-goods.
  • Write and Produce TV Commercials and Infomercials .
  • Write and Produce Radio Commercials.
  • Create Billboards, Print Ads, Banner Ads, Digital Ads.
  • Service All Media with Spots and Traffic Instructions.
  • Set-up/Interface with Telemarketing Services.
  • Set-up/Interface with Product Follow-Up Services.
  • Set-up/Interface with Customer Service Depts.

Our Gallery


Max Media's World Headquarters in beautiful Maui, Hawaii.


The Max Media Studio. Our Production Dept and Viewing Room.


The Max Media Hospitality Suite. Our Conference and Entertainment Area.


Tranquility Seating overlooking the gorgeous North Shore of Maui. Sunset views.


3rd Building in background is Max Media's Planning and Media-buying Dept.


5-Acre compound with relaxing gardens and stunning Pacific Ocean backdrop.


Beautiful rainbows are always above Max Media World Headquarters.


On one side of the property are gorgeous pastures with beautiful ponies playing.


Here's our off-site remote location. Kapalua G.C. is close-by.


All work, and some play. At our nearby remote location in fashionable company uniforms.


TVA Media Group TV spot


TVA Media Group TV spot


TVA Media Group TV spot


TVA Media Group TV spot


TVA Media Group TV spot


TVA Media Group TV spot


TVA Media Group TV spot


TVA Media Group TV spot


TVA Media Group TV spot


TVA Media Group TV spot


Our Philosophy


"Max Media was built on the concept that every account is our only account. Period."


John Graziano knows that many accounts are treated poorly by their big advertising agencies, and some never receive the professional service they deserve. Max Media strives to maintain long-term relationships with a smaller group of select accounts. With a manageable account list, Max Media provides daily account management, daily account performance reports, daily media monitor reports, daily media modifications, and daily communication with every single account. At Max Media, our accounts never have to wait long for a call back. We're on top of every account, and, we're always ready to respond immediately to their important marketing needs.

Max Media individually negotiates every media buy for every account with every station and network. We hold no media time in inventory. Instead of receiving recycled media time, our accounts always get fresh media time at lowest negotiated rates. Max Media prides itself on always delivering the lowest media rates possible for our accounts. In fact, that's guaranteed. For talented media managers, negotiators and buyers who care about your business the way you do, put Max Media to work for you. At Max Media, we spend time managing your media on a daily basis, and you'll definitely see the results of our hard work where it really counts…at your bottom line!


Cannabis Related Advertising

When it comes to advertising and marketing Cannabis-related products and services, nobody in the media industry can beat the knowledge, experience, and know-how of John Graziano and Max Media.

In 2012, John recognized that Cannabis was medicine. He looked into the antiquated Marijuana laws, and soon realized that they were headed for change. John consumed all the materiel he found on the subject and decided that Cannabis laws would certainly be overturned, allowing for its legal use both as medicine as well as recreationally for adults, much like alcoholic beverages. He came to the conclusion that Cannabis and Cannabis-related products and services would soon flourish in the general consumer marketplace. And those companies would need advertising to launch, grow, and dominate in the field. John quickly decided to get in first and learn more about marketing this next business “goldrush” before anyone else.

Max Media has spent the last 6 years investigating, researching, proposing, and quarreling with TV and Radio media outlets in order to obtain the needed approvals to air Cannabis-related commercials. We have worked with ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX Broadcast Networks, as well as every major Cable Operator, Cable Channel, Dish and DirecTV, plus Radio Stations and Networks across the country. We have literally argued with the legal teams at the major TV Networks, Spectrum, Verizon, Comcast, Cox and other Cable TV providers to allow for mature and responsible advertising. We have been diligent, persistent, and thorough in presenting our clients and their campaigns, and in getting the job done for them; all against much scaredy-cat media resistance and baseless refusals.

Max Media is the first ad agency to bring Cannabis advertising to major media outlets. We were first to run TV spots on CBS and ABC TV affiliate stations and Local Cable systems. Max Media is also bringing feature Prime-Time Cannabis programming to major Cable TV Networks. We have a number of Cannabis-content programs in development and distribution. Additionally, Max Media handles the marketing and advertising for a number of high-profile Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD products and services companies. We keep these clients confidential, but can share our background, experience and expertise in handling them with you in private NDA conversations.

Note: This is a new and fast-growing sector in the advertising field. Lots of new people and companies are now climbing on the bandwagon. They think they know how. But none have the longevity and track record of Max Media. In fact, many of these new entries into the field are really just flaky people who are more interested in the buzzing category than in making ad campaigns successful for clients. At Max Media, we are not pot-smoking hippies looking for work. We are advertising professionals who know the field, know the rules and regulations, prescribe the proper use of media, and create messages to motivate the confused mass of eager consumers.

If you are in the Cannabis business, you should consult with John Graziano and the team at Max Media before you waste time, spins your wheels, lose money, and fail miserably. This is serious business. We are not those inexperienced dreamers hoping for a break. We are proven pros who are seriously committed to making our clients stand out and succeed in what has become a wild, highly competitive, and hugely profitable business.

The time has come. We are leading the way. Let us show you how.

More About Our Services


Max Media will determine the best type of advertising for your business, products, promos.

We will provide you with comprehensive research to determine your best customer demographic and psychographics profiles. We utilize a number of competent information sources from prudent beta testing to in-depth focus groups, and all the available surveys and studies. Armed with this powerful marketing information we can clearly plan and target your creative message and focus your media buys properly.

Our creative efforts and media plans are the culmination of a conscientious study of your products and their potential consumers. We find the best way to sell your products most effectively. We endeavor to project your advertising campaign's impact and sales success for weeks, months, even years in advance.  We create marketing plans that you can count on and take to the bank.

An effective advertising campaign always begins with a strong commercial message.   If your products are beneficial and valuable to consumers, we will tell them your story very effectively.

We have written hundreds of unique television and radio commercials. Our attention-grabbing creative efforts utilize key elements of drama, comedy, original music, sound effects, visual effects, graphics, unique on-camera and voice-over talent…whatever it takes to get your sales message across.

We know how to cut through all the clutter that bombards the consumer in order to make your commercials stand out and motivate best response. Please allow us to share our production demo reels with you. We know you will be impressed with our creative work for many high profile clients.

A successful campaign requires that we put a quality commercial message on-the-air.

We have produced a vast array of television and radio commercials. We have produced many award winning :30 and :60 television commercials. We have also produced TV spots of :90 and :120 lengths for many Direct Response advertisers. We are very experienced with :30 and :60 radio spots.

Direct Response is perhaps the most difficult form of media advertising since it depends on immediate customer purchases generating large sales revenues. It demands the highest media efficiency and returns. We have produced many successful half-hour television infomercials for a wide variety of products, from cosmetics to used car sales. One of our popular TV shows is still running after 8 solid years on-the-air!

We have also pioneered the new 5-minute television commercial format. We will produce top-quality corporate, demonstration, training or instructional videos of any length for you, too.

A high performance media buy starts with a comprehensive media plan, and effective media testing. We always buy prudent media tests first, and very carefully monitor the results. We then modify a media schedule until it is producing maximum sales results for you.

We buy media time for as little as anyone else in the business, and this we prove on a consistent basis for our accounts. In fact, most of our accounts have moved to us from the largest media time-buying agencies in the country. Those agencies claimed to have "buying clout", but they just didn't deliver the proper schedules, effective rates, and sales results.

We will conduct a head-to-head media cost efficiency and performance test with anyone…and beat them! More importantly to you…we will compare our sales performance results to theirs.  Not bragging,  just fact.

We know that we can reach and motivate more prospective customers, dollar-for-dollar, than anyone else in the media buying business. Go ahead, give Max Media your media test.

It takes real know-how to coordinate large on-going local, regional and national advertising campaigns properly. Due to our extensive experience in this area, we do it right. We have created all the needed reports for you. You will see your CPC's, CPO's, and MER's (Media Efficiency Ratios) on a regular daily basis. That way, you will always know where you stand in any given campaign.

We will coordinate all of the related sales procedures in a campaign for you.

We will set up and manage your inbound telemarketing services and your follow-up outbound campaigns. We will set up and supervise your product and sales literature fulfillment services. We'll arrange for and manage all of your back-end selling efforts.

We know how to maximize overall sales production for you.  That's our job!

We believe in the concept of media mix.   No one media can do it all, so we find the exact combination of media, that when mixed together properly creates the hardest-working campaigns for you.  The  ability to reach your customers from different angles and the power of various media formats working  together  always produces the best results.  We combine both Traditional and New Media.   And together 1+1+1 =5!

Television:  Still the best way to reach mass audiences who are paying captive attention.

Radio:  The best way to make customers recall your TV ads, and reach busy commuters in their cars.

Billboards:  The best way to draw attention to your business when your customers are close-by.

Print:  Still a good way to reach certain demos and psychographics.  Print is online, too.

Online: This is where your customer's comparative shopping starts today.   Banner ads reach your target consumers at the time when they are getting ready to buy.

Digital Messaging:  Smartphones opened up a new way to reach, attract, captivate, and motivate customers.  Here we create the urgency for your customers to act now.

Once your commercials and infomercials are airing in an effective media schedule, your customers will eagerly start buying your products. Now, we will help you to create and manage your new customer databases.

The way your customers are profiled, and the way your lists are cataloged and organized is essential to proper customer follow-up. Working your customer databases continually, and effectively, will make you a much more profitable company.

Remember, the first time you attract a customer, the cost is very high. When you go back to that same customer to sell to them again, and again, the cost is minimal.

We will send out follow-up literature, premiums, incentives, coupons, reminders, as well as constantly introduce new and related products to your customers. We will create maximum additional sales, upsells, and where appropriate, customer continuity programs for you.

We do all the tedious, but necessary, paperwork so that you don't have to.   We handle all the media billings and additional vendor invoices. We pay the media and all ancillary selling services for you. All you have to do is write one check to Max Media, and we'll do the rest.

We review all media invoices and verifications very carefully. We insure that you receive the proper media credits or refunds, when necessary. We will supply affidavits as proof of performance.  We make all media payments in a timely and cost effective fashion, and keep all of our accounts zero-balanced.  Pay as you go.

We issue you daily performance reports showing exactly where you are in any given advertising campaign.  You never have to guess, or wait.

The media and other services are always accountable to our criteria, and we are always accountable to our good clients. We are a full-disclosure advertising agency.  Nothing hidden.  No surprises.

Our Clients


This is just some of the many good accounts that Max Media has successfully handled over the years. Our full client list is too long to include every ad campaign we've produced. Let us add your company to our impressive client list. You'll be in good company.

  • Advantage Wonder Cleaner
  • Alliance For Technology
  • Always Tan
  • American Success Journal
  • Arthritis Solution
  • Auto Credit 2000
  • Auto Insurance Specialists
  • Auto Trader Magazines
  • AutoMart USA
  • AutoVision
  • Be Slimmer Products
  • BluBlockers Sunglasses
  • Boseley Medical Group
  • Business World News
  • Carnivora
  • Car Loans Express
  • Cash Connection Stores
  • Cellasene
  • Cellular 2000
  • Child Rescue International
  • Chitosol
  • Clay Cooley Automotive Group
  • CortiSlim International
  • Cubic Balance Golf
  • Crystal Cathedral Ministries
  • Darque Tan
  • DealerGenius.com
  • Drinkrite Water Systems
  • Dynamic Health
  • East Shore Productions
  • Easy Auto Credit
  • e-Bridge.com
  • Edgar Morris Skincare
  • Elast Corporation
  • Endless Summer
  • Entertainment World News
  • EX3 Energy
  • Fat Fighter Systems
  • Fiesta Auto Insurance
  • Fiesta Franchise Corp.
  • Ferrari Grills
  • Gorayeb Stop Smoking Seminars
  • Gorayeb Weight Loss Seminars
  • Health World News
  • JasLar Golf
  • Joe Cooper Auto Dealerships
  • JPR Marketing
  • Life Enhancement Products
  • Living In Style
  • Max World Bistro
  • Max-To-Go Delivery
  • Magnassager
  • Miracle Prayer Ministries
  • Mission Without Borders
  • Motor Up
  • Nap Cap
  • Nativity 2000
  • Natural Golf
  • Nordic Track
  • NorthBridge Productions
  • Nutri Sun Nutriceuticals
  • Pannache Cosmetics
  • Performax
  • Pizza Express
  • Prime Time Sports
  • Rated Aloe
  • Read Now
  • Real Estate Club
  • Repackaging America
  • Resort Sports Network
  • Rio Tan
  • Ronco Products
  • Romance In A Package
  • Rudy Sports Drink
  • Sami Correctivo Haircare
  • Santaluz Home Development
  • Second Chance Auto Finance
  • Secrets to Creating Wealth
  • Shaneh Cosmetics
  • SilverLeaf Home Development
  • Smart Heart
  • Snore-Enz
  • Soloflex
  • SofTubs
  • Station Casinos Group
  • Straight Shootin' Golf
  • Street Jam
  • Surreal Pictures
  • Super Spectrim Vitamins
  • Target Greens
  • The Best Information series
  • The Beer Machine
  • The Hour of Power
  • The Price Group
  • The Rock 'n' Roll Autograph Show
  • The Woodworking Shows
  • Today's Man and Woman
  • Trigger Energy Drink
  • Tribotech Additives
  • TriCom Pictures
  • TVA Productions
  • Urgent Money Stores
  • Vigorex
  • Vitara Products
  • Vortex Fishing Lures
  • West Productions
  • XLR8R Golf
  • Z-96 Radio Station
  • 1-800-The Credit
  • 96.7 "The Point" Radio
  • 3 Screen Productions
  • Over 85 Automobile Dealerships

Fees and Charges


"At Max Media, we believe that many in the advertising industry charge too much for their services"

Time and again we see where creative and production costs and fees quoted by others are far too high. It doesn't have to cost a lot to create quality commercials or infomercials. When professionals know what they are doing, the cost of creating quality advertisements can be very affordable.

Please allow us to produce a line-item budget for all of your creative work, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the savings you'll see.

Often, media buyers broker airtime, that is, they purchase the time at net rates, then will mark it up beyond standard agency commissions to their accounts. The margin on commercial airtime can sometimes be exorbitant.

We would rather keep our short-term profits down, and maintain your business for the long-term. Our production fees will always be more than reasonable, and our media commissions will always be standard, or less.   We are very affordable.   We more than pay for ourselves.


Social Networks


Great marketing on social media can bring remarkable success to your business, creating devoted brand advocates
and even driving leads and sales.

Follow Us Using The Icons Below.

Our Promise To You

At Max Media, we always operate with one very important business rule…the Golden Rule.

We always strive to treat people the way we want to be treated in both business and in life. We know that when you treat others with kindness and respect, you will receive the same in return.

We give all the media a fair opportunity to tell us their story. We listen to everybody very carefully. We choose who we want to work with in your behalf and those whom we don't. We use our years of experience and media influence where it helps our accounts. We never get angry, insult or belittle others.  We are always calm, focused, and professional.

We develop solid working relationships in your behalf and always represent you and your business professionally.

Our business style is a little different, and we think far better, than most. It has proven to be a winning formula that has served our good accounts well for over 25 years. We would like to show you how Max Media can make a big difference in your business, too.


Contact Us


Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or if you have a project we can help you with. At Max Media our job is to help you succeed

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